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Guitar Method Book 2
Book 2 continues the instruction started in Book 1 and covers: Am, Dm, A, E, F and B7 chords; power chords; fingerstyle guitar; syncopations, dotted rhythms, and triplets; Carter style solos; bass runs; pentatonic scales; improvising; tablature; and 92 great songs.
Price: $6.99

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Literary Terms
This 4-page guide is arranged alphabetically and contains hundreds of useful, up-to-date definitions and terms covering the styles and techniques writers use to transmit their ideas
Price: $4.95

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Music Appreciation
Get a better understanding of music’s origins and how it has morphed throughout the centuries with this jam-packed, 6 page study guide. Within each page, you’ll find detailed information on the elements of music, noteworthy composers—along with their most famous pieces—from both past and present, musical instruments, different music genres, and more. Complete with an easy-to-use format, this is one reference tool any music student will find hard to resist!

Topics covered include:

•Instrumental & Vocal Techniques
•Forms & Genres
•Musical Style Through History
•Non-western Music

…and more!

Price: $5.95

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Pocket Music Dictionary
Over 2200 music terms. Biographies for over 450 composers. Convenient music reference charts. Notation and theory terms. Instruments, including folk and ethnic instruments. And much, much more.
Price: $7.99

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