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           Online Order Information                
          Winter Term Ordering Starts: November 28, 2015:                

Avoid Lines! Save Time!

Have your books shipped to your door for only $5.95!

       ORDER DATE:                    PICK-UP / SHIP DATE:
Before December 16th Available for Pick-up/Ship-out Dec. 29th
December 16th-28th Available for Pick-up/Ship-out Dec. 31st
December 29th-31st Available for Pick-up/ Ship-out Jan. 4th

After December 31st Pick-Up at Store is No Longer Available.


Available in 2 Business days - SHIP OUT ONLY.


 All Online Orders take 2 Business Days or 48 Hours to Process.


           New and Used Books:                 
  • Please indicate your preference for NEW or Used books. When USED books are not available the Titan Store will fill (substitute) order with NEW books.
  • If you do not want substitutions please indicate "No Substitutions" in "Order Comments" text box and we will cancel book from your order if NEW/USED book preference is not available.
  • Please check quantities when reviewing and paying for your order. This will ensure that you do not get double charged.
           Purchasing for Another:                 
  • Only the student can order using the Deferred Billing payment option.
  • For credit card purchases please use the student’s L-Number and indicate the name of the person picking-up the order in the "Order Comments" text box.
  • Do Not click more than once to submit an online order, doing so may cause your credit card to be charged multiple times.
  • The Billing Address on the order form must match the credit card Billing Address or payment WILL NOT go through. Also, using a P O Box may cause payment to be declined or voided.
  • If renting book(s) for another use student's L-Number as I.D. Number.
           Back Orders:                 
  • Due to limited space there will be three scheduled Drop Dates for back-ordered items (books or merchandise). Please refer to the table below.
  • Exceptions to the above are Credit Card and Distance Learning orders.
  • If you have an item(s) that has been dropped,you may submit a new order for the item(s) or, come in to the Titan Store and purchase it once it is available.
  • To contact us about back ordered merchandise email:

Back-Order Drop Date Schedule

Ordered By: Drop Date:
December 18th

December 31st

December 31st

January 8th

January 8th

January 15th

After January 15th, merchandise on back order will be processed and shipped as it becomes available.

  • Cancellation accepted within 24 hrs. of placing order.
  • Cancellation of classes does not automatically cancel an online order.
  • To cancel all or part of your order, please send an email to: otherwise it will be charged to your account.
  • Textbooks/Merchandise are charged at the time the order is filled (processed). Back-ordered items are not charged until the item is in stock and processed.                    

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