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The official bookstore of Lane Community College

Textbook Rentals

The Titan Store has over 200 titles available for rent!

For important rental dates, please scroll to the bottom of the page for more details

Rent on Demand - How Does it Work?

The Titan Store now offers over 200 textbook titles available to rent new or used. When viewing the booklist online or browsing books on our shelves look for this option in addition to purchasing New or Used books. Books usually rent for up to 75% off the new textbook price and are due back at the end of each term.

In order to rent textbooks you:

  • Need to be a student in good standing
  • Must have a valid L number
  • Should update you email address and set as preferred in MYLANE (in order to receive check-in reminder emails).

Rent Books Using Our Website:

  • To rent books using our online store simply select the rental option if available for your book(s).
  • Agree to the online Rental Agreement by checking the box when you 'check out' of the online shopping cart.

Rent Books at the Titan Store:

  • Look for "Rent It" signs on the textbook floor shelves and shelf tags which designate books for rent.
  • Let cashier know at check out if you want to rent or buy each book.
  • You will be asked to sign a rental agreement when you pay.

Rental FAQ's:

Can I get a refund on a rented book if I decide I don't want it or if I drop the class?

Yes. Refunds for rented textbooks are treated in the same manner as textbooks that are purchased. Refunds are generally allowed through the first week of class. Check website for textbook Return Policy and Deadline. Receipts are required for ALL returns.

Why isn't the book for my class available for rent?

The Titan Store chooses which books are available to rent based on what books are being used each term and which of these books are being offered for rent by our wholesale book vendors. Each term we work hard to add more rental titles for you to choose from.

Are rental books available through online purchase?

Yes. You can rent your book in the store or online.

Do I get my rental fee back when I check my rental book in at the end of the term?

No. When you choose to rent a book, you are paying a lower price than you would if you purchased the book outright. Your rental fee is non-refundable unless you return your book before the last day for returns (usually the second Monday of the term).

Can I purchase my rental book if I want to keep it?

Yes. If you decide to keep your rental book, you can come into the Titan Store any time during the term (before the Check-In date), to purchase using Cash, Check or Credit Card.

What if I need my rental book for class the next term?

Currently the Titan Store is unable to extend the rental period beyond the current term. If you need your book for the next term, your options are to check-in and re-rent next term (if available) or purchase the remainder of the book. We can help you figure out which option is best - just ask!

Can I write or use a highlighter in my rental textbook?

Minimal writing or highlighting is allowed. If marks are excessive (more than a few pages), you will be charged the difference between the rental and purchase price.

Can I use the access code that was included in my rental textbook?

Yes. If your rental textbook came with an access code, you are free to use it.

When do I have to return my rented books to the Titan Store?

Rentals may be returned for full refund on or before the Textbook Return deadline (see above). After the Textbook Return deadline, rental books may be Checked-In (No Refund) at any time during the term. The deadline for Checking-In rental books is usually the 1st Business day after Finals Week.

When checking in your rental, you will need to provide your Name and L-Number for the Check-In to be processed successfully.

Note for Distance Learning Students: Your rental must be received by the Titan Store by the check-in deadline.

Do you take all rentals back? What happens if my book is stolen or I don't return my rental by the due date?

We are unable to Check-In rental textbooks with excessive writing, highlighting or liquid damage. Textbooks with lose, torn or missing pages are also not able to be taken back. Please be selective when choosing used books to rent or purchase - you don't want to pay for damage caused by someone else!

Books that are not returned by the Check-In deadline, or are unable to be taken back due to condition issues, will be charged for the remainder of the textbook (the difference between the rental and purchase price) plus a $15 processing fee.

If your rental book is stolen or damaged, you can come in before the Check-In deadline to purchase the remainder of the book and avoid the additional $15 processing fee or you can turn in a replacement copy of the book (same edition and ISBN) to avoid paying these charges.

Textbook Rental Agreement for Summer 2019

Summer Rental Return With Refund: Monday, July 1, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Spring Rental Check-In Deadline: Monday, June 17, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.

Terms of Agreement

  1. Book(s) rented under this program are as listed on final receipt at check-out.
  2. Book(s) rented under this program must be returned to the Titan Store no later than the 1st Business day after Finals Week. The Rental fee is not refundable at time of check in.
  3. The book(s) rented under this program are the property of the Titan Store.
  4. Lane Community College will charge me for the full replacement price of the textbook (difference between purchase price and rental fee already paid) plus a processing fee of $15.00 if they are not returned by the Check-In due date. This charge will be billed to my student account and may affect future enrollment.
  5. Lane Community College will charge me for the full replacement price of the textbook (difference between purchase price and rental fee already paid) plus a processing fee of $15.00 for books >with water damage, excessive writing/highlighting, torn bindings/pages, and/or other significant damage as determined by Titan Store staff. This charge will be billed to my student account and may affect future enrollment.

As a registered student at Lane Community College, I have chosen to enter into a textbook Rental Agreement with the Titan Store. I have read and fully understand the provisions and "Terms of Agreement" as outlined above and I agree to adhere to all conditions and terms as stated.