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           Payment Options                    

Important Changes to Deferred Billing  - Fall 2015!!!!!

*see below for for details

  • Students must present a copy of their current term schedule and a photo ID to pay by check.
  • Checks may be written for up to $5.00 over the amount of purchase.
  • A $25 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks.
  • When purchasing for someone else please indicate student's name in the "Order Comments" text box.
           Credit Card/Debit Card:                    

The Titan Store accepts:

  • Visa.
  • MasterCard.
  • Discover/American Express-not accepted for online orders.
  • Debit Cards-No cash back on Debit Cards.

Note For Online Orders Using a Credit Card:

Do Not click more than once to submit an online order; doing so may cause your credit card to be charged multiple times.              Billing address for credit card should be used for payment to go through. Using a P O Box may cause payment to be voided.  

           Purchasing for Someone Else (Using a Credit Card):                    

The Titan Store is NOT able to accept credit cards from anyone other than the authorized user (name on card).


  • Gift cards may be purchased Online or over-the-phone (541-463-5772).
  • Cards may be shipped or pick-up by an authorized person (at Main Campus Store).
  • Authorized person will need a current schedule and Photo ID to pick-up.
  • When purchasing through our online store please indicate the name of the authorized person in the "Order Comments" text box.

           Deferred Billing:                    

Deferred Billing allows students to delay payment (up to a max. of $500 per term) on books and supplies needed for classes. Go to myLane/myFinances to check eligibility. A monthly Late Fee of 2% will charged on any unpaid balance.

           Deferred Billing Eligibility - Requirements and Limits                    

NEW Eligibility Requirements - Starting Fall 2015!:

To charge books at the Titan Store using Deferred Billing, you must first receive notification of your Financial Aid award or a notification of your eligibility to apply for unsubsidized loans and/or Parent Plus loans. 

If you have filed a FAFSA but haven't yet received your award letter or unsub/PLUS notification, please check with Lane's Financial Aid department to see if you have outstanding requirements or holds preventing aid being awarded to you. If the issue isn't resolved in time, you will need to pay up front for your books.

Charging to Deferred Billing ends the Second Monday of each term. For Fall term, the deadline is October 5, 2015.

  • Deferred Billing limit is $500 per term and is designed to be used on books and supplies related to classes.                           (see FA Computer Program for information on purchasing a computer).
  • Must produce a printed "Printable Student Schedule for use in the Titan Store" with current date and registered classes (accessable in myLane/myEnrollment), and current Photo ID.
  • Students should check their myLane account at the end of Deferred Billing Period and after receiving financial aid money to make sure all account charges are paid.
  • All deferred billing charges must be paid (via financial aid or other method) in order for students to remain in good standing. Unpaid charges may result in dropped classes for upcoming terms.
  • Deferred Billing is available for Online orders and may be used to purchase Titan Store gift cards.
  • Deferred Billing may NOT be used to purchase "Graduation Merchandise" or Pre-Paid Gift Cards for other merchants.
           Sponsored Charges:                    
  • The Titan Store can directly bill approved student charges to sponsoring agencies, i.e. VA Voc. Rehab (Chapter 31), or the Trade Act.
  • Charges to Sponsored Accounts must be done at the Student Sponsored Counter.
  • Sponsored Account charging is available at the Student/Sponsored Account Counter through the 4th week of each term.
           Sponsored Account Eligibility Requirements and Limits:                    
          Financial Aid, Pell Grant, Awarded Scholarships, VA GI Bill, Post 911 and VA Chapter 33 are NOT part of Sponsored charging. These students will need to pay using cash, check, credit card or fill-out a FAFSA to use for Deferred Billing.                    
           Note to Sponsored Students:                    
  • Sponsored charging to third party accounts ends on the 4th Friday of the term.
  • Only charges made at the Student/Sponsored Account Counter will be billed to third-party Sponsors. Students are responsible for payment made using other tender.
  • For Online orders charged to a Sponsored Account please indicate the sponsoring agency in the "Orders Comments" text box.
  • Because a signature is required for "Pick-up these orders are "Pick-up at Store" only.
  • Please contact Lisa MacDonald at 541-463-5873 for further information. 


Keep Your Receipt! It is REQUIRED for all Returns!!!




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