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           Financial Aid Computer Program          
          You may request an increase to your student budget if you need a computer for educational purposes. Click here for complete information and application. Please read thoroughly to be sure you are eligible before filing out application. Allow two weeks for processing.          
           To Purchase a Computer through the Titan Store using you FA Computer Award:          
  • Fill out and turn in an application to Lane's Financial Aid Office.
  • When you have been approved go to the Titan Store Technology Department for help choosing the best computer for your needs.
  • Purchase must go through the Titan Store Accounts Counter for payment.
           Eligible and Non-Eligible for FA Computer Program:          




Eligible  Not Eligible
Computers/Laptops Check Mark  
Printer Check Mark  
Mouse Check Mark  
Educational software for major Check Mark  
Tablets    Check Mark
Extended Warranties   Check Mark
Flash Drives   Check Mark
External Hard Drives   Check Mark
Accessories   Check Mark
Anti-virus Software   Check Mark
Ink   Check Mark
Computer Paper   Check Mark
Speakers   Check Mark









For complete details, contact Lane's Financial Aid office.