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The official bookstore of Lane Community College
           Payment Options                    

Save Your Receipt, it is Required for ALL Refunds and Returns!          

  • Students must present a copy of their current term schedule and a Photo I.D. to pay by check.
  • Checks may be written for up to $5.00 over the amount of purchase.
  • A $25 service charge will be assessed on all returned checks.
           Credit Card/Debit Card:                    

The Titan Store accepts: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Debit Cards

  • No Cash Back on Debit Cards
  • Discover and American Express cards are Not an option for online ordering.
  • The Titan Store is Not able to accept credit cards from anyone other than the Authorized User (name on card); instead we recommend purchasing a Titan Store Gift Card. Cards may be purchased online, or over-the-phone (541-463-5772).
Note For Online Orders Using a Credit Card:
  • Do Not click more than once to submit an online order - doing so may cause your credit card to be charged multiple times. 
  • Billing address of the credit card MUST match the billing address on the order form, or payment WILL NOT go through. This will result in your order being canceled. 
  • When purchasing for someone else please indicate the student's name in the "Order Comments" text box of shopping cart.
  • E-Gift Cards may be purchased online, so that the student may shop in the store at their convenience.
  • Cards may be shipped, or picked-up by recipient at the Main Campus Store with Photo I.D.

           Deferred Billing:                    

Have You or Your Student Been Awarded Financial Aid?

Deferred Billing allows students to delay payment until their Financial Aid money becomes available (up to a max. of $500 per term) to purchase books and supplies needed for classes. Charging to Deferred Billing is usually available a week before classes start through the second Monday of each term. See Hours & Important Dates page for current information.

Eligibility Requirements:

  •  Must have received notification of Financial Aid award or are eligible to apply for Unsubsidized Loans and/or Parent Plus Loans. 
  •  Must produce a printed "Printable Student Schedule for use in the Titan Store" with current date and registered classes (accessible in  MyLane under MyEnrollment Tab).
  •  Current Photo I.D. 


  •  Deferred Billing Limit is $500 and designed to be used on books and supplies related to classes (see FA Computer Loan for information  purchasing a computer using FA funds). 
  •  All Deferred Billing charges must be paid (via Financial Aid or another payment method) in order to remain in "Good Standing". Unpaid  charges will result in a 2% Monthly Late Fee, Dropped Classes, and Holds on registration until account balance is $0. (We recommend  checking your MyLane account at the end of each Deferred Billing Period and after receiving your Financial Aid money to make sure the  account balance is $0).
  •  Deferred Billing may NOT be used to purchase Pre-Paid Gift Cards from other merchants. 
  •  Though Deferred Billing can be used to purchase books form the Titan Store Online, it cannot be used to purchase books from other  vendors linked to our site. 
  •  Only the actual student is allowed to use Deferred Billing. 


If you have filed a FAFSA and have NOT received your award letter or unsub/Plus notification, please check with the college Financial Aid department for a status update. 

           Sponsored Charges:                    

The Titan Store/Lane Community College can directly bill approved student charges to sponsoring agencies (i.e. VA Voc. Rehab - Chapter 31, or the Trade Act). This is done by having the "Sponsor" Set Up an Account or contract with Lane Community College.

  • Sponsored Account charging is available at the Student/Sponsored Account Counter through the 4th Friday of each term.
  • Only charges made at the Student/Sponsored Account Counter will be billed to third-party Sponsors.
  • The Student is responsible for all charges not paid by the "Sponsor". All unpaid charges will be charged to your myLane account.
  • For Online orders charged to a Sponsored Account, please indicate the sponsoring agency in the "Order Comments" text box. Online orders purchased through a Sponsored Account are "Pick-up at Store" only, as your signature is Required on the receipt.
  • Please contact Lisa MacDonald at 541-463-5873 for further information.

Please Note: Financial Aid, Pell Grant, Awarded Scholarships, VA -GI Bill, Post 911 and Chapter 33 are NOT part of Sponsored Account charging. Students with this funding will need to pay using Cash, Check, Credit Card, or Deferred Billing - must have been awarded Financial Aid.

Keep Your Receipt! It is REQUIRED for all Returns!!!