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  Date Listed Title Author ISBN Asking Price
Jun 14 2017 (0) BUILDING FOUND.W/MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 FEHL 978159136561 $65.00
  Cover image of BUILDING FOUND.W/MICROSOFT OFFICE 2013 CIS 101 (Two-book bundle $65.00.) Together with ESSENTIAL Computing SKILLS/Russel Stolins/#978-1-59136-700-0 (very minor water damage toward back of book, not able to sell back to Titan bookstore). Affordable!  
Jun 13 2017 (0) BUSN 9 -W/ACCESS KELLY 978130549732 $50.00
  Cover image of BUSN 9  -W/ACCESS Great business book.  
Jun 13 2017 (0) ECONOMICS TODAY MILLER 978132319730 $150.00
  Cover image is not available Brand new book, price can vary!  
Jun 14 2017 (0) ESSENTIAL COMPUTING SKILLS STOLINS 978159136700 $65.00
  Cover image of ESSENTIAL COMPUTING SKILLS CIS 101 (Two-book bundle $65.00.) Together with BUILDING A FOUNDATION WITH Microsoft Office 2013/FEHL/#9781591365617. (Blue colored book has very minor water damage toward the back, Titan bookstore can not buy it back.)  
Jun 13 2017 (0) FINANCIAL ACC'TING + CONNECT WILD 978130877299 $80.00
  Cover image is not available Great financial accounting book, used it A LOT in my class.  
Jun 24 2017 (0) General, Organic, and Biochemistry 2e James Armstron 290128543023 $100.00
  Cover image is not available Rented for $160, willing to sell it for $100. Rented from the Titan store but they wouldn't accept it back because of small water mark that was there from before I rented the book, myself. Book in excellent condition, perfectly readable.  
Jun 15 2017 (0) HUMAN ANAT.+PHYSIOLOGY (COMP.) MARIEB 978032192704 $150.00
  Cover image of HUMAN ANAT.+PHYSIOLOGY (COMP.) I have the textbook, atlas, and interactive physiology disc. I also have the lab manual with all the pages intact but some labs have been filled.  
Jun 16 2017 (0) HUMANITIES THROUGH THE ARTS JACOBUS 978130838955 $40.00
  Cover image is not available bought new , no writing , great condition  
Jun 16 2017 (0) IT'S ALL CONNECTED WHEELER 978097110054 $25.00
  Cover image of IT'S ALL CONNECTED for sustainability class  
Jun 13 2017 (0) MKTG 9 W/BIND-INPAC LAMB 978130578464 $75.00
  Cover image is not available Great condition, may talk prices.  
Jun 14 2017 (0) On Course: Eighth Edition Cengage 978130539747 $40.00
  Cover image of On Course: Eighth Edition On Course: Strategies for Creating Success in College and in Life -Good condition with a small amount of water damage in the upper left hand corner.  
Jun 13 2017 (0) Principles of marketing Lamb/ Hair/ Mc No ISBN $50.00
  Cover image is not available Good shape marketing book, I have no use for it. Price can vary.