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  Date Listed Title Author ISBN Asking Price
Mar 20 2015 (0) AMERICAN CINEMA/AMERICAN CULTURE BELTON 978007004466 $10.00
  Cover image of AMERICAN CINEMA/AMERICAN CULTURE great condition email:  
Mar 29 2015 (0) CELL BIOLOGY+GENETICS 13TH STARR 978111157985 $30.00
Mar 17 2015 (1) CORE CONCEPTS IN PHARMACOLOGY HOLLAND 978013507759 $35.00
  Cover image of CORE CONCEPTS IN PHARMACOLOGY Slight wear on cover edges, but in very good condition. No writing, 3 or 4 small highlighted items.  
Mar 20 2015 (0) CS120 Lane College No ISBN $20.00
  Cover image is not available CS120 textbook, great condition ($36 at Titan Store)  
Mar 15 2015 (0) CULTURE COUNTS 2ND NANDA 978111130153 $25.00
  Cover image of CULTURE COUNTS 2ND Hi, I no longer need this textbook, it has minimal water damage on a few pages but still fully legible.  
Mar 20 2015 (1) ESS STUDY SKILLS W/APLIA LCC CUSTOM WONG 978128590984 $20.00
  Cover image is not available some writing ($77.80 new at Titan Store) email:  
Mar 18 2015 (0) ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS F/HEALTHY LIVING ALTERS 978144965193 $70.00
  Cover image of ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS F/HEALTHY LIVING Great condition includes online access code  
Mar 19 2015 (0) Introduction to Marine Biology Karleskint 1-13-381001- $110.00
  Cover image is not available Authors: Karleskint Turner Small Book has never been opened, Coursemate Software is included. Sells need for $146  
Mar 13 2015 (0) MARINE BIOLOGY COLORING BOOK NIESEN 978006273718 $15.00
  Cover image of MARINE BIOLOGY COLORING BOOK Like new. (only one page colored)  
Mar 17 2015 (0) MICROBIOLOGY A SYSTEMS APPROACH COWAN 978130836396 $125.00
  Cover image is not available I bought this book brand new in the bookstore and I used it only a few times. Its in really great condition, it is a loose paper book, so it's in a binder. This book was way more expensive than $125, but I'm willing to sell it for that. Thanks!  
Mar 15 2015 (0) MYMATHLAB STUDENT ACCESS KIT (NEW ONLY) PEARSON 978032119991 $80.00
  Cover image of MYMATHLAB STUDENT ACCESS KIT (NEW ONLY) Hi I am selling this, its brand new. I ordered it and ended up not needing it.  
Mar 18 2015 (1) NUESTRO IDIOMA TEXT ALONE LUKE 978125942799 $100.00
  Cover image is not available Also comes with an unused QUIA access code.  
Mar 13 2015 (0) ON COURSE,ENHANCED ED.>CUSTOM< DOWNING 978111146417 $65.00
  Cover image of ON COURSE,ENHANCED ED.&gt;CUSTOM&lt; Like new  
Mar 13 2015 (0) PAINLESS GRAMMAR ELLIOTT 978076414712 $8.00
  Cover image of PAINLESS GRAMMAR New  
Mar 13 2015 (0) PARAGRAPH ESSENTIALS:WRITING GUIDE WKBK WONG 978061800039 $60.00
  Cover image is not available Like new  
Mar 12 2015 (0) PEOPLE & POLITICS 16TH HIATT 978091154192 $45.00
  Cover image is not available The book is in almost perfect condition and was required for PS 202 Winter term.  
Mar 12 2015 (0) PUBLIC SPEAKING:AUDIENCE-CENTERED APPR. BEEBE 978020591463 $100.00
  Cover image of PUBLIC SPEAKING:AUDIENCE-CENTERED APPR. Used but in great condition required for COMM 112 Winter term.  
Mar 13 2015 (0) REREADING AMERICA COLOMBO 978031254854 $40.00
  Cover image of REREADING AMERICA Like new  
Mar 13 2015 (0) SENTENCE CPR: BREATHING LIFE INTO SENTE NISSILA 978187767397 $12.50
  Cover image is not available New  
Mar 28 2015 (0) The West In The World fifth edition McGraw No ISBN $30.00
  Cover image is not available slight water damage, history of western civilization class  
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